Catherine Hales

Catherine Hales is a poet and translator who lives in Berlin. Her translations of contemporary German poetry have been published in several print and online magazines in the UK, the US and Europe, and her translations of Norbert Hummelt’s poems were published in Berlin Fresco by Shearsman Books in 2010. Her pamphlet a bestiary of so[nne][r]ts was published by Oystercatcher Press in 2010, and her first full collection, hazard or fall, came out from Shearsman, also in 2010. She is included in several anthologies including Infinite Difference (Shearsman Books 2010) and Sea Pie (Shearsman Books 2012) She is featured reading her work in the Archive of the Now. Her poems have been translated into Czech and German. She is co-ordinator of Poetry Hearings, the Berlin festival of poetry in English. (2012)


Winter 2015 (Issue 10), Five sonnets
Winter 2015 (Issue 10), freeze frame
Winter 2012 (Issue 07), Periodic Song (excerpt)
Winter 2012 (Issue 07), charité
Winter 2009 (Issue 04), usedom
Winter 2009 (Issue 04), German Ocean
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Winter 2006 (Issue 01), autumn for me was always
Winter 2006 (Issue 01), If I had a garden
Winter 2006 (Issue 01), here he is
Winter 2006 (Issue 01), khamsin
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Winter 2006 (Issue 01), GLAMBECKER SEE
Winter 2006 (Issue 01), champs elysée