No Man’s Land: New German Literature in English Translation has ceased publication, with Issue 17 (2022) as its final edition.

No Man’s Land was published online for seventeen years (2006 through 2022) as an independent, volunteer-run annual journal of German-language literature since 1990 in English translation. It featured selected texts by more than 300 writers rendered into English by 170 translators.

This website (www.no-mans-land.org) will be maintained as an accessible archive with a complete record of translations and biographies from the journal.

We extend our sincere thanks to the founders of No Man’s Land, to all who have served on the editorial board, and most especially to the contributing translators.

Geoff Howes, Editor in Chief
Susan Thorne, Publisher

Welcome to our journal of contemporary German-language literature.

No Man’s Land features translations of poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction from the twenty-first and late twentieth centuries, drawing on the work of authors from the German-speaking countries of Europe ‒ and beyond. Dynamic and reflective, these writings mirror current sensibilities and the evolving demographics of modern Europe.

Our independent publication is informed by the translator’s perspective. No Man’s Land was founded by a core group of Berlin-based German-to-English literary translators in 2006, and now enters its second decade with a new, multinational board of translator-editors committed to sensitive and creative engagement with literary voices.

As before, this journal will bring new German-language literature to a wider readership, presenting the work of both well-known and lesser-known authors as interpreted by emerging and more experienced translators.