Ken Cockburn

Ken Cockburn is a poet and translator living in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has translated poems by, among others, Christine Marendon, Arne Rautenberg, and Thomas Rosenlöcher, as well as fiction by Christopher Ecker.   2018 sees a collection of his Marendon translations, Heroines from Abroad, as well as a new collection of his own poems, Floating the Woods.

Winter 2017 (Issue 12), becoming an ape made easy
Winter 2016 (Issue 11), Prepared
Winter 2015 (Issue 10), the autumn sun is like the national gallery
Winter 2012 (Issue 07), gingko leaf fairy tale
Winter 2011 (Issue 06), Grey stone without forest.
Winter 2008 (Issue 03), “spring …”
Winter 2007 (Issue 02), DEATHWISH DRIVER