Issue 12

Table of Contentsfor Issue 12

Issue 12 - Winter 2017


Replete Heart’s Counsel
As a Teethager I went
Through Gazing at a Hand

my bauble, my boat, my drawstring bag
in the east, lisa rothe

Issue 12

My First Murderer


African sailfin flyingfish
splitfin flashlightfish

in London. in Bad Aussee.

Tortoise Soldier

The Raft of the Medusa

hunting song
open your eyes
my friends
denuded trees
the open sea


Chicken Christl

The Pope’s Left Hand

What This Home Is

becoming an ape made easy
drunk in the dark
leaving the house
daily dramas
excavating a writing desk
the shifting wind

if magic
a place of shadows
melting on the short grass patches

Emil: A Quiet Beetle on the Road