Mandy Wight

I graduated from Clare College, Cambridge with a degree in German and Spanish and taught German, French and Spanish in comprehensive schools and at the University of Sheffield Modern Languages Teaching Centre. I was awarded the Institute of Linguists’ Diploma in Translation in 2010 and am now working as a translator with a special interest in literary translation.

I’m interested in the work of Ursula Krechel and my translations from her novels Landgericht and Shanghai fern von wo were published in Issues 9 and 11 of No Man’s Land. I’ve also had an excerpt from Nina Jäckle’s book der lange Atem published in Issue 9 and Ulrike Edschmid’s book Das Verschwinden des Philip S. in Issue 10.

In March this year I was awarded the Goethe- Institut Award for New Translation for my translation from Juli Zeh’s novel Unterleuten. I read in English, German, French and Spanish, and write a blog at on books in German, English and Spanish.

Issue 9 - Winter 2014
Issue 10 - Winter 2015
Issue 11 - Winter 2016
Issue 13 - Winter 2018