Kate Roy

Kate Roy grew up in New Zealand, and currently divides her time between Lugano and Liverpool, where she is working on a postdoctoral project on the many retellings (and translations) of Emily Ruete’s life story, past and present. She attended the 2009 and 2010 BCLT Literary Translation Summer Schools at the University of East Anglia, got addicted to translation, and was delighted to have “Sediment” by Sudabeh Mohafez as her first published piece, in Issue 4 of No Man’s Land. She won a 2011 John Dryden Prize for her translation of Mohafez’s short story “Desert Sky, Land of Stars” – the translation will appear in Comparative Critical Studies in 2012. (2011)

Issue 4 - Winter 2009
Issue 6 - Winter 2011