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Welcome to Issue 17 of No Man’s Land, the first under my editorship. Although I’ve worked with the journal since 2016, as an Associate and then an Assistant Editor, the shift to editor-in-chief has required some adjustment as I try to get an overview of the moving parts. I am much indebted to my predecessor, Susan Thorne, for her generous guidance during this transition. Susan continues as Publisher of No Man’s Land.

The quality and diversity of the contributions to Issue 17 are quite impressive, and I thank all who submitted their work and congratulate them on their selections. The issue includes well-established, mid-career, and emerging translators and authors. It certainly lives up to the subtitle “New German Literature in English Translation”: the original German versions of fifteen of the sixteen contributions were published after the year 2000. In fact, eleven of them appeared in the current, young decade. Since the definition of “new” has of course changed since the inaugural issue of 2006, Susan and I have decided to revise our submission guidelines for future issues from “literature written in German since 1990” to “literature written in German since 2000.”

Here is some demographic data on our authors and translators. Ten of the authors are based in Germany, three in Austria, and three in Switzerland. Twelve are women and four are men. Of the translators, nine are based in the United Kingdom, five in the United States, one in Germany, and one has UK origins but works in Switzerland. Fourteen translators are women, and two are men. Four have interned with New Books in German(, and we are excited about the expanding cooperation with that institution, which is so important for German-to-English translation.

I am proud to follow in Susan’s footsteps and in those of founding editors Isabel Fargo Cole and Katy Derbyshire. I hope to carry on the high quality and reputation that they have established.

All the best in 2023,
Geoff Howes, Editor
No Man’s Land



A Space Bounded by Shadows

Late Guests

Shipping Forecast


Tomorrow I’ll Wake Up and then Life Will Start

Nastja’s Tears

Everything We Don’t Recall

What I Knew

for anna akhmatova
robinson crusoe


My White Fox


Or Else It Doesn’t Work.

About Ghosts

About Traveling and Being Good
Minna von Barnhelm was Blue

A Simple Procedure

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