Mariça Bodrožić

Born in 1973 in the former Yugoslavia, Marica Bodrožić was brought up by relatives on the Dalmatian coast until she came to Germany at the age of ten, to join her parents who were already working there.

Bodrožić writes in German, a language she describes as her new Heimat or home-place; she feels that writing in German gives her the filter necessary to explore traumatic or difficult experiences.  Her writing is characterized by a distinct, densely lyrical style in both poetry and prose as well as the complexity of the ideas she expresses.

Bodrožić has published three volumes of poetry; a ‘language biography,’ Sterne erben, sterne färben, in which she reflects on her early experience of language; short stories, essays and three novels. Her work has been critically acclaimed in Germany. She was a prizewinner of the Literatour Nord in 2013 and won the Konrad-Adenauer-Literaturpreis in 2015. Though some of her prose has been translated into eleven languages, none of her work as ever been published in English and she is virtually unknown in the Anglophone world.   (2018)


Winter 2018 (Issue 13), Constellations
Winter 2017 (Issue 12), Replete Heart’s Counsel