Deborah Langton

Deborah Langton has been translating widely since 2011 and has completed three book-length translations, the first being Stalingrad – the Loneliest Death by C Fromm, Primero, in 2015.  Her second is Seeds of Wrath – Egypt between Revolt and Reality by Matthias Rathmer, an established self-publisher and screenwriter.  Most recently she has completed the first English translation of a book originally published in 1915, Mein Ligurisches Heim by Alfons von Mumm, shortly to appear with Internόs Edizioni.

Through summer and autumn 2016, Deborah has been working closely with the Weisse Rose Stiftung at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich on translation of newly researched and reworked texts for the permanent memorial to Hans and Sophie Scholl and the White Rose resistance movement. In September Deborah moved back to the UK and is now the happy holder of an internship post with ‘New Books in German’. She will be working with the magazine until March 2017 and continuing to translate: mostly fiction and, occasionally, non-fiction.   (2016)


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