Photo © Matthias Holtmann

Sabine Scho

Sabine Scho, born 1970 in Ochtrup, lives in Berlin. Nearly all of her writing is situated on the threshold of photography and images. Two volumes of her poetry have been published by Kookbooks: Album (originally published by Europa Verlag, Hamburg/Vienna in 2001), republished by Kookbooks in 2008, and farben, also from 2008, as well as Tiere in Architektur, in 2013. Tiere in Architektur is also presented in Sabine Scho’s blog of the same name, Most recently, she was awarded the Anke-Bennholdt-Thomsen Prize by the Schillerstiftung. She has also been awarded the Leonce-und-Lena Prize, prizes for the advancement of literature from GWK, the German State North Rhine-Westphalia, and an Artist-in-Residence Grant from the Villa Aurora in Los Angeles.  (2014)


Winter 2014 (Issue 09), Animals in Architecture (extracts)