Lúcia Collischonn

Lúcia Collischonn (born 1991) is a Brazilian-German translator and PhD student in Translation Studies at the University of Warwick. She has recently translated two texts by Yoko Tawada, the novel Etüden im Schnee (2016) which is set to be published in Brazil in 2019, and Yoko Tawada Does Not Exist, as well as texts by other writers.

Academically, she focuses on translation theory and practice, contemporary and world literature, and adaptation studies. She takes special academic and professional interest in Exophony in creative writing and translation, which was the theme of both her Master’s dissertation and her current PhD research.

Being able to translate poetry into a language that is not her first language is an important opportunity for her research, and helps to further Tawada’s own view of language, creativity, and translation.


Winter 2018 (Issue 13), The First Night Song