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This issue of No Man’s Land is the sixth to be published since our new editorial team launched a revival of the journal five years ago, reconfiguring its website and making the transition to a different version of the existing, ten-year-old periodical.

We continued with the original mandate of publishing an online periodical of short-form new German literature in English translation, and have been gratified by the positive response to our new model from translators, writers, publishers, and others in the translation community.  Thank you to all who have supported us with contributions of your work.

This will also be my final issue as Editor, and I am delighted to announce that the post will be filled by Geoff Howes, an Assistant Editor of No Man’s Land who has been a mainstay of our editorial operations since 2016.

Geoff is Emeritus Professor of German at Bowling Green State University, Ohio with five published translations of literary works to his credit. He specializes in Austrian prose and has developed close relationships with numerous Austrian authors, from Faschinger to Franzobel and many more.

He is a former editor at Modern Austrian Literature (now Journal of Austrian Studies), a member of the PEN Translation Committee, and was a judge for PEN’s Translation Prize for 2020.

Behind the scenes at No Man’s Land, we know Geoff as an insightful reviewer of submissions who is always ready with praise for a translator’s well-chosen word or phrase.

I wish him well in his new position.

Susan Thorne



Issue 16

The Wars are Coming Closer
There is nothing you can do about it
In Case of Illness
The Fruit
The Final Image



Lorenz looks after his own

The Man in the Lift

That Immaculate Blue

Our Father

“Who, If I Cried Out?”

Confessions of a Morning-After Pill Popper

Madame Exupéry

Really, German

Sorrow Islands, The North End of Outer Hope

badamm badamm
don’t come closer i’m freezing
if your house burns
“and as for hope, i learned that deep in the forest”
april, the tail-end

a mere house cat
is it going to snow again?
the germans with their distance fetish
in love lurks a desolate dungeon
kissing well is when things turn liquid

Dear Darling


Kloppitz/Kłopot nad Odrą
And tended snow in my warm hands

The Missing