Illumination, or?
Note unto Jonah

Author: Hendrik Jackson
Translator: Nicholas Perrin

Illumination, or?

Frontsteps at night. (Afar Enlight) glancing upward: Ahasver Ahasver
– pure-blue the spheres (clair) – overcast
undertowed, what an inundation… Substance _ Vacuum: Schizo- Nexus? Who?

singing wires (Soil Sky) asunder pitched. Frequencies: Crack
what there upon the stone (Stammering) crystalline, quiet
Fright Stream-of-Images. bathed over ouses and in the backyard nightvolk

a sleeve grazes, grates (Colors Schemes) deft disturbance or simply as set in ice.
Droning (Bees) from under: a stalac
Black. groaning, tiresome dismissal. this weariness, sense-sapping

Memory folding unto (Interspace – Veiled) unapplicable, but: Loam _ Earth _ Darg
– the honeybee dies and Ahasver (Apparition) sets awave
the Field dark or yellow, only the slightest crosses over, evaporated, the Rest – hard

Note unto Jonah

the Word, that doesn’t arrive –
regardless, we’re not going into the Immanence
an obese obscure, not much
to explore Life itself unto itself
in the open Ocean of the Whale –
it washes, runs
over the eyes

you’re always waiting for a sign –
immortal stubborness
and all of Heaven hangs stuffed
with Doglights, so we trickled
the lie in Jonah’s Ear
go out to the World
into the windswept Emptiness


the Wind picks up, in the drawing of breath itself misuse a Word (clearing
away figures
) – as mixed in the parched air audible an outbursts tearing.

arising disquiet, branches swaying, clouds rolling in. delicate ebbs
the stillness shaking, squandered on notions, Cold-Fallwind Cobwebs

Rubble Carlsbad – (what no longer watches) in the Globegame drift to
the outermost circle. first layer, then taking it in, become Giant.
lastly entropy, anathema. this: I want to sing you, you
this thou I sing, Muse. roots in late light (unblessing) cogent

Images: aborted branches, an aisle, soundless undulating Grass.
Weariness makes one’s bed in Earthflattening, Troughs– rise glassy
as Waves. a Butterfly, guiltless – flap flapped – still caught: its needs.
Rush of Noise that rises, itself dispersed, pressed through warm leaves


currents of crystallization, flow with the day. frost _ inhale
again the dream collapses, overwhelmed from affections
inasmuch snow collects across dispursed, good days. as you
withdrew yourself going in out from the earth, heavenly greetings

sent off, a companion in the convoluted tunnel-system
of psychological stratum, the entire humus of
society, declining. but to hoist one’s own unaided? self activating
charge towards Light: always in manic exhumation. singing


everything stands. suddenly, an imperceptible tremble releases the Structure of Balance.
a strange storm joins the horizon in approach, breaking through as hail

(take care this rumbling) measured steps (a measuring) where the wren sits.
Flag flying (halfhearted, as in my silence) (don’t listen)

the immaterial nudges us gently. Clang of arms – naked silver. Sun rising.
over the hill a ride. Saddle, foot. A ride over the hill