Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan * 1956, in Leeds. He was co-editor of Angel Exhaust magazine from 1992-8 and 2004 onwards. Books of poetry: In a German Hotel. Cut Memories and False Commands. Switching and Main Exchange. Skeleton Looking at Chinese Pictures. Sound Surface. Alien Skies. Anxiety Before Entering a Room (selected poems). Surveillance and Compliance. Pauper Estate. The Imaginary in Geometry. Savage Survivals. Works on poetry: The Failure of Conservatism in Modern British Poetry. Centre and Periphery in Modern British Poetry. Origins of the Underground (forthcoming). Books as editor and interviewer, Don’t Start Me Talking [with Tim Allen] (interviews with modern poets). The Lambeth Marvels (interviews with Allen Fisher). Both forthcoming late in 2006.

Issue 1 - Winter 2006