Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan * 1956, in Leeds. He was co-editor of Angel Exhaust magazine from 1992-8 and 2004 onwards. Books of poetry: In a German Hotel. Cut Memories and False Commands. Switching and Main Exchange. Skeleton Looking at Chinese Pictures. Sound Surface. Alien Skies. Anxiety Before Entering a Room (selected poems). Surveillance and Compliance. Pauper Estate. The Imaginary in Geometry. Savage Survivals. Works on poetry: The Failure of Conservatism in Modern British Poetry. Centre and Periphery in Modern British Poetry. Origins of the Underground (forthcoming). Books as editor and interviewer, Don’t Start Me Talking [with Tim Allen] (interviews with modern poets). The Lambeth Marvels (interviews with Allen Fisher). Both forthcoming late in 2006.


Winter 2006 (Issue 01), In Red Eggs
Winter 2006 (Issue 01), hare winter
Winter 2006 (Issue 01), With All Your Might