Photo © Jürgen Walter

Zehra Çirak

Zehra Çirak, Born 1960 in Istanbul. Moved to Germany 1963, raised in Karlsruhe. Resides and works since 1982 in Berlin with the visual artist Jürgen Walter. (2011)

1987 – Flugfänger, first volume of poetry with illustrations by Jürgen Walter
Publisher: artinform, Karlsruhe.
1991 – Vogel auf dem Rücken eines Elefanten, poems and short prose.
Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Cologne.
1994 – Fremde Flügel auf eigener Schulter, poems.
Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch.
2000 – Leibesübungen, poems
Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch.
2008 – In Bewegung, poems and miniatur-stories
Publisher: Verlag Hans Schiler, Berlin/Tübingen
2011 – Der Geruch von Glück Erzählungen
Publisher: Verlag Hans Schiler, Berlin/Tübingen

Various Grants and Awards
1989 – Adelbert von Chamisso Most Promising Young Author Award
1993 – Friedrich Hölderlin Most Promising Young Author Award
2001 – Adelbert von Chamisso Award
2005 – Poetry Award of Amistade Multietnica Poeta Anima Istranza, Olbia

The primary emphasis of Çirak’s work lies in collaboration and in performances both at home and abroad with texts accompanying sculptures by visual artist Jürgen Walter. Information in photo-text-sound on this collaboration to be found at:


Winter 2011 (Issue 06), Two Handfuls of Lemon-Yellow Desires
Winter 2011 (Issue 06), Books