Steffen Popp

Steffen Popp was born in 1978 in Greifswald and lives in Berlin. He has written the volumes of poetry Wie Alpen (Kookbooks, 2004), Kolonie Zur Sonne (Kookbooks, 2008), Dickicht mit Reden und Augen (Kookbooks, 2013) and the novel Ohrenberg oder der Weg dorthin (Kookbooks, 2006). He has translated the US poets Christian Hawkey and Ben Lerner, and created the concept and co-edited the poetics book Helm aus Phlox (Merve Verlag 2011). He is the recipient of various awards and was nominated for the German Book Prize in 2006. (2013)


Winter 2013 (Issue 08), Five poems from “Dickicht mit Reden und Augen”