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Liane DIrks

Liane Dirks * 1955 in Hamburg, grew up in Hamburg, the Caribbean, Bavaria and North Hessia. She has received numerous prizes including the Märkische Stipendium für Literatur and the LiteraTour Nord prize (2003).

Her books are often about topics that have been placed under a taboo. Her novel Die liebe Angst was the first novel about child sexual abuse to be published in Germany and Falsche Himmel is about climate change. Krystyna Zywulska, a Holocaust survivor and resistance fighter, who later became Poland’s greatest satirical writer, met Liane Dirks as the latter was at the beginning of her career. She became a maternal friend and before her death entrusted Dirks with the extraordinary story of her life. Liane Dirks has published 6 novels and is the editor of 21 books. (2013)

Novels published to date:
Der Koch der Königin, 2009
Falsche Himmel, 2006
Narren des Glücks, 2004
Vier Arten meinen Vater zu beerdigen, 2002
Und die Liebe? frag ich sie, 1998
Die liebe Angst, 1986

Her most recent collection of stories is the four-volume Wohin das Herz dich trägt… Liebe, Freundschaft, Glück und das Meer, 2012


Winter 2013 (Issue 08), Krystyna: And What about Love? I asked Her