G13 is a collective of Berlin-based poets, founded in 2009. The members, all between 20 and 30 years old, meet regularly to present and discuss new works, and also contribute to a blog (http://gdreizehn.wordpress.com). After taking part in numerous readings and a workshop to promote young authors, the group made their first joint appearance in print in a special issue of the magazine Belletristik in 2011; a G13 anthology was recently published by luxbooks. For two tours in Germany and Switzerland and an appearance at the Zeitkunst festival, the group worked together with directors and musicians to develop a stage program that integrates reading and performance. (2012)
G13 members in No Man’s Land # 7

Rebecca Ciesielski * 1990 in Merseburg in Saxony-Anhalt. Studies cultural anthropology and communications at the Freie Universität, Berlin. Invited to the Treffen junger Autoren (Young Writers’ Workshop) in 2010. Publications in magazines (Belletristik) and anthologies. (2012)

Tabea Xenia Magyar * 1988 in Zurich, where she studied philosophy, French literature, and political science. Entered the program for contemporary dance at the Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin (HZT) in Berlin in 2012. Participates as an author in the poetry and dance project Bewegungsschreiber (Writing Movement), sponsored by the Senate of Berlin, which will have its premiere in December 2012 at Dock11 in Berlin. (2012)

Tristan Marquardt * 1987 in Göttingen, lives in Munich and Zurich. Finalist in the 19th and 20th Open Mike. Poetry collaborations with Linus Westheuser since 2011. Co-organizer (together with Walter Fabian Schmid) of the reading series meine drei lyrischen ichs (my three lyric I’s) in Munich since 2012. Publications in magazines (randnummer, Kleine Axt, Belletristik) and anthologies. His debut collection will be published by kookbooks in 2013. (2012)

Lea Schneider * 1989 in Cologne, studies comparative literature, Chinese literature, and linguistics at the Freie Universität, Berlin. Began translating Chinese poetry in 2011. Publications in magazines (Wortwuchs, Poetry East West, Belletristik) and anthologies. Her debut collection will be published by J. Frank in 2013. (2012)