Claire van den Broek

Claire Y. van den Broek  was born in The Netherlands. She is a doctoral candidate pursuing a dual-degree PhD in Comparative Literature and German Studies at Indiana University. Her dissertation is entitled Schuldtrauma: Narrating Guilt as Trauma in the Long 19th Century. Her academic writing has appeared in Monatshefte, and will appear in 2014 in The German Quarterly, and in a book entitled Romanticism Across the Disciplines, Vol. 2. As a translator, she has worked extensively with Dutch authors Hafid Bouazza and Abdelkader Benali, and her translations of Benali’s Poems for Summer were published in Absinthe: New European Writing in 2011. She is currently working with the family of Belgian Magical Realist author Hubert Lampo, translating his short stories. This translation of Franz Fühmann’s “The Duel” from his collection of Science Fiction stories entitled Saiäns Fiktschen is part of a collaborative translation project at Indiana University. (2013)


Winter 2013 (Issue 08), The Duel