Tanja Dückers
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Tanja Dückers

Tanja Dückers is the author of several novels, essays, poetry, children’s books, and plays, and works on collaborative efforts with artists in an array of disciplines. Her autobiographically-hued retrospective, Mein altes West-Berlin appeared recently.

Dückers participates in many international forums on cultural and socio-political topics, writing for media from Die Süddeutsche Zeitung to ai-journal (Amnesty International) . She leads writing workshops in Germany, the UK, USA, Belarus, Rumania, India, and Kenya.

Dückers has taught numerous times in German Studies at Dartmouth College and Miami University. In 2014 she gave a reading with translator Marilya Reese at Northern Arizona University; they continue bringing her oeuvre to English-speaking audiences. Reese’s translation from Dückers’ Himmelskörper was included in the 100th issue of Translation Review, its first issue featuring actual literary translations.

Dückers was a fellow at Villa Aurora in Los Angeles, and is an active member of Amnesty International, of PEN, and of the Christa Wolf Society. For a decade now, Dückers has organized annual readings profiting organizations for unsheltered communities.

In 2017 Tanja Dückers and chocolatier Christoph Wohlfarth founded her own line of chocolates, „Preußisch süß,“ to create designer flavors matching the various sections of the city of Berlin.

www.preussisch-suess.de                                                   (2021)


Winter 2021 (Issue 16), LUX AETERNA