Silke Scheuermann

Silke Scheuermann was born in 1973 in Karlsruhe, Germany, and studied Drama and Literature in Frankfurt, Leipzig, and Paris. Her debut publication, a volume of poetry entitled Der Tag an dem die Möwen zweistimmig sangen (The Day on which the Seagulls Sang with Two Voices), appeared in 2001 and was awarded the Leonce und Lena Prize.

In 2007 she published her first novel, Die Stunde zwischen Hund und Wolf (The Hour Between Dog and Wolf), which won the Grimmelshausen Prize.  She writes a regular column for the literary journal Volltext (Full Text) entitled “Lyrischer Moment” (The Lyrical Moment.) Her 2014 collection Skizze vom Gras (A Sketch of Grass),  together with her other published poems, earned her the 2014 Hölty Prize for Poetry. At 20,000 Euros, this is the most lucrative award for poetry in all the German-speaking regions.

Her recent honors include the Bertolt Brecht and Robert Gernhardt Prizes (both in 2016), the Georg-Christoph Lichtenberg Prize in 2017, the Frankfurt Poetry Lecture in 2018, and the Goethe Plaque from the City of Frankfurt in 2019. Scheuermann lives in Offenbach am Main.       (2019)


Winter 2019 (Issue 14), To the Previously Most Common Bird in the World
Winter 2007 (Issue 02), Whispering Villages