Marilya Veteto Reese

Marilya Veteto Reese

Marilya Veteto Reese’s first translations of audio plays by Ingeborg Drewitz were completed with Drewitz at The University of Texas at Austin, where Reese was the doctoral student of A. Leslie Willson. Reese also worked with Canadian poet, David Wevill, on a project with classical Indian dancer Avanthi.

Reese has worked for 31 years as a German professor in Flagstaff. Her interviews and literary translations sprang from international grants hosting Tanja Dückers, Zehra Çirak, Erik Kirschbaum, and Kemal Kurt—as well as Josef Haslinger, Sudabeh Mohafez, Safiye Can, and Vladimir Vertlib, Werner Cohen, and T.C. Boyle.

In 2021, Neues Deutschland featured Reese’s translation from English to German of Warren Perkins’ novel NAVAJO LIVE, Ein Heavy Metal Leben, published by Hans Schiler Verlag in 2018 (co-translation with Klara Schroth), thus fulfilling her wish to see a truer depiction of Native life; a wish dating to Reese’s childhood in Hamburg and reactions there regarding her birthplace near an Oklahoma reservation.

Reese’s translation Ever Yours Kurt is the second recent Gödel volume, after Stephen Budiansky’s biography, Journey To The Edge of Reason. (

Reese now commutes between Hamburg and Berlin.                             (2021)


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