Image © Sascha Kokot

Kerstin Preiwuß

Kerstin Preiwuß, born in Lübz in 1980, grew up in Plau am See and in Rostock, and now lives with her family as a writer. She studied German Literature, Philosophy, and Psychology in Leipzig and Aix-en-Provence, wrote her doctoral dissertation on German-Polish city names, and is a graduate of the German Institute for Literature in Leipzig (DLL). Her literary debut was a collection of poetry entitled Message from New Stars [Nachricht von neuen Sternen], published in 2006. She received the Hermman Lenz Scholarship in 2008 and was co-editor of the literary magazine Edit from 2010-2012. Her second collection of poetry, Speech [Rede] appeared in 2012 and was part of the annual list of poetry recommended by the German Academy for Language and Literature. Most recently, she was awarded the Mondseer Lyrikpreis. Her novel Residual Warmth [Restwärme] was published by Berlin Verlag in 2014. Her newest collection of poetry Sense for Light [Gespür für Licht] is forthcoming in Spring 2016.


Winter 2015 (Issue 10), Residual Warmth