Kathrin Schmidt

Kathrin Schmidt was born in Gotha, Thüringen (GDR) in 1958.

Since working as a psychologist, editor, and social scientist, she has received numerous literary awards for both her poetry and prose, starting with the Leonce-und-Lena Preis in 1993.

Following a stroke in 2002, she lost the faculty of language and had to relearn speech. Her volume of poetry, blinde bienen, and the novel Du Stirbst Nicht draw on that experience. The latter was awarded the German Book Prize in 2009 and has been translated into thirteen languages; an English translation is at last in progress (for Naked Eye Publishing UK).

In her poetry Schmidt has always used words intensively, employing tongue-twisting alliteration and assonance and moving consonants playfully, Jandl-style, to release unexpected meanings. Her new poetry collection waschplatz der külen dinge (2018) addresses globalisation and migration using the language of politics, advertising and the internet.

Kathrin Schmidt lives in Berlin. (2018)

Issue 13 - Winter 2018