Image © Benjamin Gladis

Katharina Bendixen

Katharina Bendixen (*1981) was born in Leipzig in 1981 and studied book science and Spanish in Leipzig and Alicante. She lives with her family in Leipzig.

She writes books for adults, children, and young people, and her writing has been awarded several prizes and grants, including the Heinrich-Heine-Stipendium (2017) and an Arbeitsstipendium (work stipend) from the German Literature Fund.

She has published acclaimed short story collections, including her most recent collection Mein Weißer Fuchs (Poetenladen, 2019). Her most recent young adult novel Taras Augen (Mixtvision, 2022) was awarded the Lesekompass (reading compass) annual prize from the Leipzig Book Fair.


Winter 2022 (Issue 17), My White Fox
Winter 2015 (Issue 10), My Deepest Sympathy