Florian Werner

Florian Werner was born 1971 in Berlin, studied American and English and German Literature in Tübingen and Berlin, as well as in Aberdeen, Scotland. He received a Masters Degree in 2000. In 2006, he completed his doctoral thesis Rapocalypse, which focuses on millenarian imagery in African- American-HipHop lyrics. It was published by transcript Verlag in 2007. Florian Werner writes lyrics and performs in the German band Foen. This literature music-ensemble published a novel Mein Leben als Fön (My Life as a Hairdryer) in 2004 together with a CD Wir haben Zeit (We have time). The band has performed throughout Europe. Florian Werner writes radio pieces for the WDR (West German Radio, Cologne). In 2001 he was awarded first prize in the Allegra Short Story Competition. A collection of short stories Wir sprechen uns noch was published in 2005 by dtv. His karaoke-opera Rachengold was performed at the theatre of Hildesheim, Germany.


Winter 2007 (Issue 02), Scent