Image © Nils-Christian Engel

Daniela Danz

Daniela Danz * 1976 (Eisenach) is a German poet and novelist. She studied art history and German language and literature at a number of universities (Tübingen, Prague, Berlin, Leipzig, Halle). She is the author of several collections of poetry—most recently, V (2014) and Pontus (2009)—and a novel Türmer (2006), all published by Wallstein. Her honors include the Rainer-Malkowski-Preis (2014), Tübinger Stadtschreiberin (2012), and the Georg-Kaiser-Förderpreis für Literatur des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt (2005). She lives in Kranichfeld.
Somewhere between Paul Celan and Johannes Bobrowski, “Helles Meer,” from her Black Sea cycle Pontus (“a masterpiece,” per Florian Illies in Die Zeit), shows Danz working the vein of mythopoesis and history between the lyric and the tragic.


Winter 2015 (Issue 10), Bright Sea