Bernhard Strobel

Bernhard Strobel is an Austrian author and translator born in 1982.

He has five published collections of short stories and one novel, in addition to his translation work from the Norwegian. On its website, Strobel’s publisher describes his style as “decidedly sober and unadorned,” explaining that he “embellishes nothing and, without literary elegance or false pretension, follows people into their emotional cul-de-sacs.”

His accolades include the Literaturpreis des Landes Burgenland (in 2007 and 2003), the Theodor-Kery-Preis in 2016, the Outstanding Artist Award for Literature in 2019, the Staatspreis für literarische Übersetzung in 2021, and more.           (2022)

Winter 2022 (Issue 17), About Ghosts