Arne Rautenberg
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Arne Rautenberg

Arne Rautenberg was born in 1967 in Kiel, North Germany, where he still lives, working as a freelance writer and artist and teaching at the city’s Muthesius art college.

His poetry collections include einblick in die erschaffung des rades (insights into the invention of the wheel, 2004), a sequence of poems typeset as circles; vermeeren (2006), featuring 100 collages and 100 poems; and three books published by Horlemann:  mundfauler staub [lazymouth dust] (2012), seltene erden [rare earths] (2014), and nulluhrnull [zero hours zero] (2017).

Since 2010 he has also published several popular collections of poems for children, and in 2016 he was the recipient of the Josef Guggenmos Prize for children’s poetry, the first time such a prize had been awarded.

His poems have appeared in English translation in periodicals and anthologies including Chapman, Scottish Poetry in Translation, No Man’s Land, Football Haiku, and Poems for All.

Winter 2017 (Issue 12), becoming an ape made easy
Winter 2015 (Issue 10), the autumn sun is like the national gallery
Winter 2012 (Issue 07), gingko leaf fairy tale
Winter 2008 (Issue 03), “spring …”
Winter 2007 (Issue 02), DEATHWISH DRIVER