swarmedthrough nights
hamster at heart
the other
point. making.

Author: Kathrin Schmidt Translator: Jamie Osborn   flourmouthed https://www.no-mans-land.org/article/flourmouthed-swarmedthrough-nights/                         for Christa Wolf like teenagers we lay beneath the sun’s carriage, tongues in the lisping shade called us flourmouthed, i stuck idly in the porous membrane, we took the air. buzzards circled quietly overhead as you began to slide, very gently, out of plumb a […]

Jamie Osborn

Jamie Osborn is one of Carcanet’s New Poets (New Poetries VII, April 2018). His translations of Assyrian Iraqi refugee writing have appeared in Modern Poetry in Translation, and other poems, essays, and translations (including other work by Kathrin Schmidt) are in PN Review, Poetry London, Blackbox Manifold, Perverse and elsewhere. He now lives in Norwich, […]

Kathrin Schmidt

Kathrin Schmidt

Kathrin Schmidt A  multi-award-winning poet and novelist, Kathrin Schmidt’s voice is distinctly of East Germany, where she was raised. Her German Book Prize-winning novel You’re not dying (2009) was translated into thirteen languages and will at last be published in English in 2021, along with her short story collection It’s over. Don’t go there. Schmidt […]